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In 1969, on the banks of the River Nile in southern Egypt , began the process of construction of one of the most important giant projects and announced the birth of the giant company Egyptalum at Nag' a Hammady , some 100 km , north form Luxor governorate which embracing a civilization of 7000 years on its sides . The following several factors were taken into consideration when chosen Nag'a Hammady as the location of aluminum factory : The nearness of the site to the High Dam Power Transformers Station (500 kv) . Near The port of Safaga to receive alumina and green coal. Abundant manpower to start processing the site and preparing for civil and metal constructions. Neighboring community development through building schools , construction and paving of roads and extension of railway lines for the transportation of workers. Distribution of industrial projects in various governorates of the Republic for the purpose of urban expansion in the desert so as not to affect the patches of agricultural land . Development of a vital area of Upper Egypt through establishing a high-tech project in the middle of a barren desert . The development of a vital area of Upper Egypt and the vicinity of this edifice , hence , establishing of residential cities alongside the plant to provide every amenity like housing, set tree - lined avenues , hospitals , sports fields , schools , shops , a bank , a police station and post office . In 1975, the first spark was launched announcing the start of production and the rise of aluminum metal . It reached five lines in July 1983 and put info of the 6th line in October 1997. In April 2010, all production lines were rehabilitated and upgraded to pre-baked cells to reach 320,000 tons annually .

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Welcome to Aluminium Company of Egypt (Egyptalum). We are 100 km north of Luxor, the city that witnessed the birth of the oldest civilization on earth, the Ancient Egyptian civilization. 7 thousand years ago, it had modern systems and advanced scientific foundations superseding any other civilization in that era.

In our relentless pursuit of reaching the highest levels of quality and keeping pace with every development in the aluminum industry, Egyptalum is one of the major international companies specialized in this field through continuous improvement, diversity in production and meeting the requirements of our customers abroad and at home. The company makes sure to place them in the focus of attention and to develop the employees and human cadres who strive to achieve a clean, green work environment.

We work together, build positive relationships, respect each other, and contribute positively to the communities in which we live.

The progress of  Aluminium Company of Egypt (Egyptalum) is obvious since 1969, when it started to establish the current factory with only 6 production wards each of them consisting of 46 cells. Now it has become 12 wards with advanced technology and a total of 552 cells producing annually 320 thousand tons of raw and half forged aluminum for local and international sale; ensuring the highest standards of quality, continuous improvement and preserving the surrounding environment.

The company’s financial position is strong, the opportunities are great, and the foundations are stable. This confirms our readiness to start rehabilitating the company, modernizing it, and working on various projects to provide new products, exploit the capabilities available in the company, and seek to establish a reciprocal relationship with local and international investors, especially our Arab brothers, to contribute to financing these Projects to support the needs of the national industry in light of the new republic and giant projects that our beloved Egypt is witnessing.

On the following pages, you can find more information about technical specifications, products and some of our company's activities.

with my best wishes.

Dr. Eng. Mahmoud Abd El_Alim Agour Mahmoud

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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