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Ministry of Public Business Sector Metallurgical Industries Co. Egyptalum

In 1972 a scheme was initiated on the banks of the river Nile which was to culminate in the completion of one of the most exciting developments to rise from the desert in centuries .  Egyptalum's aluminium plant situated at Nag Hammady, some 100 kilometers North from Luxor has come to represent a commitment to investment in the future which reflects the philosophy of Egypt itself . 

Nag Hammady is unique in several ways . The development has risen from the barren desert,to realise one of the most technologically advanced sites of its kind . Also a city has been established alongside the plant to provide every amenity from hospitals to stadiums, to housing set in tree-lined avenues . 

Harmony - Egypt is making great strides . The philosophy is to encourage the benefits of local involvement . Training local people using the world's expertise .

Head Office and Smelter : Nag Hammady  

Tel.       : (096) 6590001 : 6590009  
Fax.      : (096) 6588478 - 6588195  

Cairo Office : 48-50 Abdel Khalek Sarwat Street, Cairo, Egypt. 

Tel.       : (02) 23904710 - 23902284 - 23935456 - 23903609 - 23935457 
Fax.      : (02) 23919623 

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